Former Steeler Ryan Clark vents about Steelers schedule

If you haven’t heard yet, the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule for the 2024 season is brutal. Probably the most challenging schedule in the NFL this season and for the Steelers, the toughest eight-game stretch I’ve seen since Mike Tomlin took over as head coach.

Former Steelers safety Ryan Clark didn’t miss it and he didn’t hold back when he went off about how the NFL could do this. “What dude from Cleveland, all of a sudden, got a job in the league office,” Clark said.

The final eight games of the Steelers season are an absolute gauntlet and it’s hard to see the Steelers winning more than one or two depending on injuries.

The Schedule lines up with Pittsburgh playing all six AFC North games during this eight-game stretch along with a road game against the Philadelphia Eagles and at home on Christmas Day against the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire