Former Steeler Ryan Clark starts Twitter beef with Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill

There aren’t many sports analysts more outspoken than Ryan Clark. Just like when he played safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Clark approaches everything he does 100 miles per hour and holds nothing back. His latest comments on Twitter about Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill are typical Clark but did elicit a response from Hill.

This all started when Hill went on his own podcast and talked up his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa over his former quarterback Patrick Mahomes when Hill was with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clark didn’t hesitate to tweet out he believed Hill was lying on his podcast about his quarterbacks. I tend to agree with Clark but Hill did decide to take a shot at Clark in a quote tweet. Do you agree with Clark that this is all just a stunt by Hill or did he really mean what he said about Tagovailoa being more accurate than Mahomes? Let us know in the comments.


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