Former Steeler Antonio Brown’s latest behavior outlandish even for him

As recently as 2018, a strong case could be made that Antonio Brown was the best wide receiver in the NFL. When Brown was at his best with the Pittsburgh Steelers no player could compete with the numbers he put up. Then the bottom dropped out and Brown’s list has been in a spiral ever since.

But Brown’s latest twist is incredibly bizarre, even for him. After some serious allegations about Brown for handling of the XFL team the Albany Empire, Brown appears to have made a left turn into foreign national territory.

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According to the parties involved, the team is not owned by Brown but instead owned by a foreign national named Antonio El-Allah Express Trust Enterprise and Brown has no personal ownership of the team.

In case you are confused, don’t be. The notion of claiming to be a foreign national or in other cases, sovereign citizen is nothing new but rare for someone in the spotlight like Brown.

These tactics are typically reserved for regular citizens who use outdated and antiquated legal concepts to try and exclude themselves from the law and it normally involves things like trying to drive without a license, insurance or registration, or failure to pay rent. They mostly just clutter up the court system with frivolous paperwork and accusations.

So for Brown to take the same route, in this case, is fascinating. We can’t wait to see what Brown’s endgame is here but we assume it has to do with him trying to remove himself from some sort of legal ramifications related to the mishandling of the team and perhaps finances. Either way, Brown has become a drama we simply can’t look away from.


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