Former Seahawks rookie apologizes after trying to sneak female guest into hotel dressed as player

Former Seattle Seahawks rookie Kemah Siverand apologized on social media on Monday, more than 10 days after he was cut from the team.

Siverand, who the Seahawks signed after he went undrafted out of Oklahoma State, tried to sneak a woman into the team hotel earlier this month and even reportedly disguised her as a player by dressing her up in Seahawks gear.

That creative effort didn’t work, however, and the team cut him shortly after he was caught.

"After taking time to reflect and really consider the seriousness of my actions, I have tried to find the appropriate words to apologize to all of those affected by my poor decision and immaturity," Siverand's wrote, in part. "I've privately apologized to Coach [Pete] Carroll, [general manager] John Schneider, and the Seahawks organization. I violated team rules, which would have been unacceptable in normal times, but absolutely inexcusable now during a pandemic. I understand my lapse in judgement put my teammates and the organization at risk, thankfully no one else was affected by my actions."

Siverand, who transferred to Oklahoma State after spending his first three seasons at Texas A&M, has yet to find a new home in the league since he was cut.

The 23-year-old said he’s still hopeful even after his extremely unique incident.

“I want to make sure this one mistake will not define me, and I will continue training harder than ever to continue pursuing my dreams of playing in the National Football League,” he wrote.

Former Seahawks cornerback Kemah Siverand
Kemah Siverand was cut from the team after the Seahawks caught him trying to sneak a woman into the team hotel dressed as a player. (Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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