Former Ravens OC Greg Roman shares thoughts on coaching Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens and now-former offensive coordinator Greg Roman parted ways after a four-year partnership earlier in the 2023 offseason. Baltimore hired Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken as their next play-caller, while Roman revealed he’d be taking the 2023 season off from coaching but will have his hand in high school football and even a college program.

In an article with The 33rd Team, Roman talked about Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and where he feels like the signal-caller thrives. He talked about coaching Jackson, calling the experience exciting and unique while diving into the system that the team used while he was at the helm.

“Coaching Jackson was exciting and unique. A lot of creative thought went into it – different, original thoughts. You’re not just copying what somebody else is doing. In Baltimore, we weren’t a huge audible system. We did some of it, but we were mostly about pre-snap motions, shifting, changing the picture for the defense and utilizing various tempos. Putting it all together to where you have answers without doing a lot of checking and audibling was a big part of what we did.”

Roman also mentioned how he believes Jackson is safest when he’s out in space and on the move, mainly because he’s in control instead of in the pocket with his eyes down the field hoping someone doesn’t run into the back of his legs.

Story originally appeared on Ravens Wire