Former Ohio State football player teaches empowerment to central Ohio youth

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – “Beyond the Game” is an organization founded by former Ohio State football player turned coach Devin Jordan, who empowers youth in central Ohio and beyond.

“When you go into a school and see the impact that you’re making, it’s phenomenal,” said Jordan, the organization’s president. “I think one thing that Jim Tressel, my head coach when I was Ohio State, taught myself and my teammates was the impact of giving back.”

The program started in 2016 to teach kids that you can use sports as a platform to give back to your community and get a higher education. And now the organization is reaching children as young as third grade with the “Guys With Ties” and “Girls With Pearls” programs.

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“We thought that was the time frame where kids are going to start to understand who they are and start to build that foundation of their future,” Jordan said. “Just teaching them how to introduce themselves, to how to hold doors for ladies, how to clean out the classroom and be leaders essentially in their school and their community.”

Teachers like Katie Capello at St. Andrew School help to teach and reinforce these foundational skills, from self-respect to empathy.

“It helps with their social skills, their confidence. It’s just been amazing,” said Capello, who is also an instructor with Girls With Pearls. “They work hard, and they take pride in having these skills.”

The “Guys With Ties” and “Girls With Pearls” programs are currently implemented in 13 central Ohio schools but they are looking to expand. For more information visit

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