Former Maple Leaf argues Marner is worth more than Matthews, blows up Twitter

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Former Maple Leaf Dave Bolland ignited a wild Twitter war on Wednesday when he decided to voice his take on one of the hottest topics in the NHL this summer: the Mitch Marner negotiations.

It is true there are people who think Marner is as good if not better than Auston Matthews and should get paid accordingly on his pending contract, but Bolland really opened up a can of worms by suggesting he deserves more than the team’s franchise centre, who earns $11.634M on the contract he signed in February.

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Bolland’s take led to hundreds of replies and some major animosity. Instead of logging off after his initial tweet, Bolland added fuel to the fire by replying to the haters.

Some replies from fans were way over the line, like joking about Bolland having CTE from concussions which has devastated the lives of many professional athletes.

It gets better. Some sleuthing by Leafs fans online revealed that Bolland’s agent, Anton Thun, recently merged to join the same agency that represents Marner.

But the longtime Blackhawk shot down the theory he was acting on behalf of Marner’s agent pretty quickly. He also mentioned in May that he hasn’t spoken to his agent in nearly three years.

Bolland found time to laugh about the ruthlessness of Leafs nation, in awe that one tweet could cause such a stir. His name was even trending on Twitter in the evening because of the thousands of replies.

Instead of letting the shenanigans of Wednesday night stay in the past, Bolland fired off another tweet Thursday morning with a wild hashtag to rally the keyboard warriors once again.

The replies poured in once again.

The Mimico, Ont. native, who is relatively quiet on Twitter, only played 23 games with the Maple Leafs due to injury after being acquired in the summer of 2013, so he holds little allegiance to the franchise outside of being from the area.

We have a feeling this saga is far from over, and that Bolland will become a staple on Leafs Twitter for weeks to come.

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