Former NFL punter Brad Wing throws 40-yard touchdown pass to lineman in UFL game

The U.F.L. (New York Times-style) can be F.U.N.

Just before halftime in Sunday's game between the D.C. Defenders and the San Antonio Brahmas, the Brahmas lined up for a long field goal. The kicker motioned left and the holder, former NFL punter Brad Wing, got in what appeared to be pooch punt formation.

Instead, center Alex Mollette, who was lined up as an eligible receiver on the edge of the line, chipped a defensive player and then broke down the middle. He caught the ball at the 15 and rumbled in for the score.

Here’s the play.

Wing said during the game that it was not the intended route on the play, and that they had not completed the pass in practice.

"There's supposed to be one, one route, and that was not the one," Wing said.

It was the first pass thrown in an regular-season game by Wing since 2014, when his only NFL pass attempt was intercepted in a game between the Steelers and Bengals.

The Brahmas are coached by long-time NFL head coach and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.