Former Hornet, who signed with NFL in Athens, Friday

Sep. 7—Maalik Hall, a New York Jets Linebacker from Athens, will be at Cinco De Mayo, from 12-3 p.m. to take pictures with the public.

Hall signed with the Jets as a free agent and is now on the injured list.

His mother Shayvonne Roberts said Hall has had to overcome obstacles his whole life.

"He has never been a stranger to struggle. Until he was four, he could only say two words clearly and those were Momma and Daddy. He had thirteen years of speech therapy. "

Roberts said Hall was bullied because of his speech problems but never gave up on his aspirations.

"He took great pride in working toward every goal he set for himself. His humility and faith in God has been incredibly strong since he was young and it grew with him throughout childhood and into manhood," Roberts said. " He achieves every goal with the mindset of showing everyone that anything is possible if you don't give up"

Hall was a unanimous All-District fullback for Athens in 2016. He signed with Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he played linebacker and was described as one of the most destructive linebackers around."

Hall accounted for 23.0 tackles-for-loss over his final 22 collegiate appearances. In 11 games last fall, he led the team with 77 stops and 8.0 sacks.