Former home of Chargers set to be demolished

Gavino Borquez
·1 min read

The former home of the Chargers will no longer exist.

San Diego County Credit Union Stadium, also known as Qualcomm Stadium and Jack Murphy Stadium, is being demolished in San Diego, CA after officially being closed in March, according to Associated Press’ Bernie Wilson.

Opened in 1967, the stadium was where the Bolts resided before they moved to Los Angeles in 2017. The decision to move cities was because a ballot measure to build a new stadium in San Diego didn’t go through in 2016.

San Diego State University’s football team was the most recent to play there.

A new 35,000-seat stadium will be built on the site to serve as their new home after the school purchased a good portion of the land in 2018, set to open in 2022.

Chargers legend Dan Fouts, who was a focal point of the Air Coryell back in the late 1970s, will be one of many that will miss the stadium dearly.

“We knew that when we had to get it done to win at the end of the game, we could reach down deep and then feel the energy of the stadium just carry us down the field at times. It was really, really fun. Plus the weather was always good. I was very fortunate,” Fouts said.

The stadium was also host to three Super Bowls: XXII (Washington-Denver, 1988), XXXII (Green Bay-Denver, 1998) and XXXVII (Tampa Bay-Oakland, 2003) as well as home to MLB’s Padres from 1969-2003.