Former first-round pick Treylon Burks being asked to play special teams

The Titans drafted Treylon Burks with the 18th overall pick in 2022, and since then, he has played 22 games and made only 49 catches for 665 yards and a touchdown.

His first-round draft status no longer matters: Burks is fighting for a roster spot.

Brian Callahan said earlier this offseason that Burks was going to "play everything," and the Titans coach expounded on that Tuesday. Burks is expected to play special teams.

"He's going to have to contribute," Callahan said after Burks got reps as a gunner, via "You know you only get so many hats on game day, and if he's one of those guys on game day, we're going to have to find a place for him. Guys like him should be great special teams players on top of it, just because of his size and speed. And so the gunner thing is something I think he's very capable of doing. There might be some more roles for him in the other phases, as well."

The Titans signed Calvin Ridley and Tyler Boyd this offseason and still have DeAndre Hopkins, leaving Burks as the fourth receiver at best.

"Anytime you're not the full-time starter, you're going to have to contribute somewhere on game day," Callahan said, "and I think Trey's attitude and approach to special teams has been fantastic, and so I'm excited to see what he can do for them. I think he's an asset on special teams."

Burks, 24, has played only 25 snaps on special teams in two seasons, including only one last season.

The Titans are asking the same thing from cornerback Caleb Farley, a 2021 first-round pick. Farley has played only 12 games in three seasons, missing all of 2023 with a back injury.

"Yeah, you have to, just same reason," Callahan said when asked about Farley. "If you're not one of the top two or three guys, you're going to have to contribute on teams. And he's a guy in that mold that if you're trying to get a hat on game day and be one of the [48] active, you've got to play a role on special teams, especially as a skill player."