Former Evil Geniuses, Alliance owner Alexander Garfield departs Twitch, leaves GoodGame behind

Taylor Cocke
Alexander Garfield has departed from GoodGame and Twitch.
Alexander Garfield has departed from GoodGame and Twitch.

In a Twitter announcement today, Alexander Garfield told the world that he has left GoodGame, the company that he sold to back in 2014. GoodGame is the parent company of esports organizations Evil Geniuses and Alliance, two teams that Garfield had owned previously.

It’s unclear why Garfield decided to make the move away from Twitch, but it does seem interesting that neither EG nor Alliance have entered new esports subsequent to the 2014 acquisition. Obviously, his possible frustrations surrounding the teams’ management is purely speculation, but it is something to note.

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Under the Twitch umbrella, Evil Geniuses won The International 2015, bringing home more than $6 million to the organization.

Alexander Garfield has declined to comment, while Twitch has yet to respond at the time of this printing.

Yahoo Esports will be following this story as it unfolds.

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