Former Chiefs quarterback has been chosen for NFL’s broadcast boot camp

Although former Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel didn’t hear his name called at the 2009 NFL Draft, his NFL career lasted 12 seasons.

During that time, Daniel played for six teams and had a career quarterback record of 2-3. That included a 1-1 record with the Chiefs from 2013-15.

Daniel retired following the 2022 season and now is host of his own YouTube show in which he breaks down NFL plays and players. He’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the media world because he was chosen for the NFL’s annual Broadcasting and Media Workshop.

“The @NFL broadcast bootcamp starts tomorrow,” Daniel wrote on X, “and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. 24 guys were selected out of 100’s of applicants & we will spend the next few days going thru a very hands on process of learning about media/broadcast with some legends of the game. Can’t wait to learn and grow from this 1st Class event.”

An Associated Press story noted the workshop took place last year at the NFL Media headquarters in Inglewood, California.

Among the participants was Jason Kelce, the former Eagles center and brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. That AP story said participants in the three-day session have an opportunity to “call a game on radio or television and work in the studio as an analyst.”

It’s an eye-opening experience for the players.

“This is all new territory for me. I have even more respect for it now,” Jason Kelce said told the AP. “It’s very hard to do something live, reactive of stimulus that just happened and having something clever and meaningful to say.”

The workshop also focuses on podcasting and social media.

“Each participant did a 10-minute portion from the first half of (the 2022) Indianapolis Colts-Minnesota Vikings game during the television analyst portion,” the AP story noted. “After receiving feedback from directors from Fox and NBC, they returned and did another 10-minute segment from later in the game.”

Perhaps Daniel will do well at the workshop and get a chance to call NFL games in the future.