Former BYU QB shares experience learning under then graduate assistant Andy Reid

Former BYU QB shares experience learning under then graduate assistant Andy Reid

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The same kid that won the Punt Pass and Kick competition, the same man who threw the first pitch at the Kansas City Royals, Andy Reid’s always shown the capability of being great. A journey that started in Provo, Utah.

“This is no exaggeration, Andy Reid could throw a ball better than Steve Young back in 1982. He could just chuck it,” former BYU quarterback Blaine Fowler said. “BYU is where he molded his thoughts on how he was going to approach this whole thing of coaching. And so he’s constantly feeling like, yes, I’m going to give back.”

Reid got his start as a graduate assistant at BYU. Blaine Fowler was a quarterback for the Cougars and he saw pretty early Reid had it – helped by the coaches he was around. Like QB Coach Mike Holmgren

“Mike’s going to go places, he’s going to go take Andy with him and he’s going to go great things. Andy got a little bit of that competitiveness from the time he spent with Mike Holmgren,” he said.

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Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow.

“This real attention to detail, feel like Andy got some of that mirroring Norm Chow,” Fowler said.

And head coach LaVell Edwards. Which sheds more light into how Reid deals with QBs.

“Andy saw the way Lavell managed quarterbacks. He became very close to his quarterback. He would get into their heads and how they ticked off the field, which helped him understand better how to get to them on the field,” Fowler said.

Learning from the man the stadium is named after to becoming the head coach he is today.

“There’s a little piece of all those guys, that became part of Andy. What he brought to it, which was really obvious in the first place was a really really high intellect and the sense of, he wanted to be perfect at everything,” he continued.

The care that he shows for players.

“He really, genuinely cares about me as a person, he loves me in a sense. So, when he is demanding of me or he gets on me or ask me to do something, I’m going to take that and I’m going to do it, and I feel like you could see that in Andy when he was just a graduate assistant,” Fowler said.

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And a coach who always keeps BYU close.

“I texted Andy, I was just watching a video clip of a show you were doing and you reminded me so much of LaVell Edwards it gave me the chills. He immediately texted me back and said ‘You could not give me a better compliment.’

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