Former Browns QB Brady Quinn gets into Twitter spat with Deshaun Watson’s QB coach

There is never a dull season for the Cleveland Browns. And even with a record of 4-2 entering Week 8 off of back-to-back wins, there is still plenty of commotion on Twitter. The latest of that commotion started after former Browns quarterback Brady Quinn insinuated that Deshaun Watson has no incentive to play after having his contract fully guaranteed.

And Watson’s personal quarterback coach Quincy Avery took offense to that. The two then went back and forth for a few rounds before Quinn ended it by making a massage joke at the expense of Watson and his team. Watson’s marketing agent, who has found himself in more than one instance of interacting negatively with others on Twitter, jumped in as well.

The Watson era in Cleveland has been a massive disappointment both on the field and due to injuries, and the team he has surrounded himself with has not been all too helpful in helping him gain the public perception back in his favor.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire