Forecast for Dolphins-Chiefs keeps getting worse

The forecast for Saturday night in Kansas City started bad, and it has gotten worse.

The kickoff temperature and the potential wind chill keeps dropping and dropping for Dolphins-Chiefs. Currently, the high for Saturday (per is 8 degrees, with a low of -9. The kickoff at temperature, according to the iPhone weather app, is below zero.

The wind chill will be in the neighborhood of 25 below.

It will be one of the coldest games in league history. As noted by Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post, it will be the coldest game ever for the Dolphins.

Multiple Dolphins players have vowed to go sleeveless for the game.

"Well, it’s a mindset," Hill said, via Schad. "I feel like if you believe it’s going to be cold, then you’re going to freeze your ass off. But if you go into this game not even thinking any of that, you’ll be fine."

He's right, but there's a point where it's so cold that mind over matter doesn't matter. And it could be so cold that it's dangerously cold — for players, coaches, fans, anyone.

Which raises a fair question, given that the NFL is so concerned about health and safety. Are there weather conditions where it's unsafe? Is there a temperature or a wind chill that is regarded as unacceptable for anyone to be out in the elements?

We've asked the league if there is a minimum temperature below which a game won't be played. There should be. And, frankly, if there's ever a game played that results in multiple cases of severe frostbite for fans, players, anyone, there will be.