Ford F-150 Lightning’s Charge Station Pro

We get a closer look at Ford's F-150 Lightning Charge Station Pro.

Video Transcript

- Hello. This is the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup and this is the Power Station Pro Charger that comes with the extended range version. You can also buy it separately with the standard rage version. But not only can this charge your truck with those AC pins at the top, but the truck can charge your home with those DC pins at the bottom.

So you plug it in, can charge your truck at 19.2 kilowatts. Should you run out of power, you can take that power back at 9.6 kilowatts, run it through your home, and have backup power for about three days or more, up to ten, Ford says, if you ration your power. So that's the Ford F-150 Lightning, your friend in case of emergency.