Fake high school football team becomes Yahoo Fantasy users' top team name

When it comes to fantasy football, you can always depend on one thing: the most recent bonkers sports story will somehow be turned into a name at least one person in your fantasy league will use.

Can you guess what this year's most popular team name is? None other than Bishop Sycamore, the "high school" that scammed ESPN into airing its recent game against IMG Academy.

How popular is "Bishop Sycamore" among fantasy users?

Over the past week, the name "Bishop Sycamore" has gained a staggering amount of popularity. Last Thursday, it was the 14th most popular name among Yahoo Fantasy users. Over the weekend, it made a massive jump to 5th most popular.

On Tuesday, "Bishop Sycamore" slid into first place with over 10,000 Yahoo Fantasy users choosing it as their team name. To put that in perspective, "Run-CMC" is the second most popular team name, and it has just 7,000 users. "Bishop Sycamore" is in first place by a large margin.

The NFL season doesn't start until Thursday, so there are still plenty of fantasy drafts that haven't happened yet. The name "Bishop Sycamore" will almost certainly keep growing in popularity.

Wait, what is Bishop Sycamore again?

Bishop Sycamore, which its new head coach admitted is "not a school," tricked ESPN into airing one of their recent football games. They presented themselves as a legitimate high school in Ohio and lied to ESPN about having several top recruits. The game ESPN aired featured Bishop Sycamore losing 58-0 to IMG Academy.

After that debacle, people started looking into Bishop Sycamore. Turns out they're not a school, and that designation came from a paperwork error. The new head coach, Tyren Jackson, has called it a "post-grad football academy." That means ESPN aired a high school football blowout between a real school and a 100 percent fake school.

There's beautiful symmetry in the name of a fake high school football team being the most commonly used name for fake teams in fantasy football. Sometimes the universe gives us beauty we don't deserve, and all we can do is appreciate it.

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