A football off of a defender’s helmet goes in the Browns’ favor this week

Quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver Amari Cooper are in full sync. After connecting on a massive 59-yard gain in the first quarter, the two link up again for a touchdown. Last week, a throw off of a defender’s helmet did not go in the favor of the Cleveland Browns. This week it did against the Arizona Cardinals.

This drive came off the heels of a Denzel Ward interception that flipped the field. The Browns then managed to run the football all the way down the field on the back of veteran Kareem Hunt. The Browns now sit with a 10-0 lead over the 1-7 Cardinals.

It has been up-and-down for Watson thus far in his return to the field after dealing with a shoulder injury. However, the Browns have not turned the ball over, and with this defense, they are a hard team to beat if they do not beat themselves.

Can they get to 5-3?

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire