FOOTBALL: Highlights from Chickasha's game against Marlow

Sep. 4—MARLOW — The Chickasha Fightin' Chicks had some good things happen against Marlow.

The Fightin' Chicks battled a ranked Marlow team in Marlow on Friday and did some good things in the game despite falling to the Outlaws. Chickasha fell 37-14.


It is easy to look at Marlow's 37 points and think there was not a ton of defense in the game, but that is really not how the game played out. A week after El Reno put 64 points on the board, Chickasha's defense pushed back against the Outlaws and came up with several big stops in the game.

The Outlaws could have made things much worse, given the field position they had at certain points and the turnovers that gave them the ball. But Chickasha pushed back multiple times.

A couple of Chickasha turnovers set the Outlaws up with drives that began in Chickasha territory and ended with no points. A punt also set Marlow up in Chickasha territory, and that drive resulted in no points.

Marlow had one drive start in the red zone, but Chickasha stood tall and forced a field goal that missed. Chickasha's first scoring drive came after the Fightin' Chicks got a stop.

And Chickasha also managed to force a turnover in the win.

Derreck Owens-Shells got a clean look at the quarterback, delivered a big hit and forced a fumble. Logan Palesano was right there to recover the fumble for the Fightin' Chicks.

Rayburn's running ability

Chickasha quarterback Cade Rayburn made some big plays with his arm in the game, but his running ability stood out against the Outlaws.

Rayburn made multiple big plays with his running ability against Marlow, but the biggest play came in the second half on the team's first touchdown of the game. After keeping the ball instead of handing it off, Rayburn was faster than the Marlow defense on a 69-yard touchdown run.