Football fans go to incredible lengths to win hilarious half-time challenge at Mexican game

A half-time challenge during a Mexican football game has gone viral after both supporters went to great lengths to win.

Things went off the rails early in the relay race, which took place last Thursday during a match between Cruz Azul and Monterrey, as one man pushed another off of the balance beam after clearing a few hurdles.

As his rival tumbled to the floor, the cheeky fan crawled through a tunnel at the next stage of the race.

But the other supporter came back to get his revenge, shoving the other through a cutout hole before jogging past.

As the pair set up to take on the final challenge - penalty kicks - the man who had been pushed through the cutout got the last laugh, slide-tackling his competitor before slotting the ball into the goal.

The hilarious clip has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.