Foolproof' makeup hack gives you perfect winged liner

A lot of makeup hacks out there don't really work as well as social media users claim. Achieving a cat-eye that is symmetrical on both eyes, with clean lines and no smudges, is pretty much every makeup wearer's struggle. Makeup artist Jemma Whittaker tested a popular eyeliner hack on TikTok and was pleased with the results. All the hack requires is tape and your favorite eyeliner or eyeshadow. Whittaker used micropore tape, which is often used by lash technicians. First, Whittaker placed a long piece of tape extending from the outer corner of one eye down below her nose to the outer corner of her second eye to create the length of the wing. Then she placed another, shorter piece of tape on top of each eyelid to connect each end of the tape. This made an empty space in the shape of a long triangle. Next, she smudged eyeliner on her fingertips and filled in the empty space. When she removed the tape, she was left with an immaculate winged liner look. The tutorial received 2.7 million views. People chimed in with their takes on the method. "This just changed my whole life," a user wrote