Food TikToker shares top three foods to eat that are just $1

TikToker user The Feast Kings shared his favorite foods to eat that cost only $1, and they look so delicious!. The video begins with a caption that reads, “Top 3 things to eat for $1”. Then, the top three countdown list begins, starting with “#3. Pizza”. The camera zooms in on a cheesy pepperoni pizza pie cut into squares and sprinkled with herbs. Next up is “#2. Mac & Cheese” . On a table sits a small cup of mac ’n cheese from Chick-fil-A. Finally, the TikToker reveals his top pick for “Top 3 things to eat for $1”. It's a chocolate chip cookie dotted with plenty of slightly melted chocolate. Viewers were shocked by how delicious the inexpensive foods looked. Unfortunately, the TikToker did not share where their $1 foods could be found

Video Transcript