Following their Finals loss, a Cleveland weatherman can’t stop yelling about the Thunder (VIDEO)

It's the temperature that a great many of us set our air conditioners to, those 72 degrees Fahrenheit. After all, it was the temperature the famed Astrodome was set at, and when you create the benchmark for indoor baseball, you create the benchmark for thousands of American dudes who don't want to see any of you punks touch the thermostat. So why was a Cleveland, Ohio-area weatherman so upset on Thursday night, when the temperature was moderate and his night at work was almost wrapped up?

Because the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team that most fans without a local dog in the fight rooted for in the 2012 NBA Finals, kind of rained in their particular bed in Game 5, losing to the Miami Heat along the way. Watch his little breakdown, courtesy of our air conditioner-fightin' mates at The Basketball Jones:

Of course, Cleveland-area fans sort of have a dog in this fight. LeBron James is less than two years removed from breaking Ohio's heart by making the smart move to leave an iffy Cleveland Cavaliers team for a great Miami Heat team in the stupidest way possible. So Ohio, much more than the dozens of other locales that boast a significant but weird hate of the Heat, could be excused for rooting a little harder. Even if they don't watch much basketball and still call James Harden "James Harder."

A weatherman, though? You're on TV for a few minutes a night, and you can't keep it together because "thunder" is a weather-thing but also an NBA-thing?

Come on, pal. Keep it together. You've got those postseason runs from the Browns and Indians to prepare for.

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