Following airport shuttle accident, Drew Lock says Joe Flacco has 'been great to me'

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Here’s proof that Joe Flacco needs to mentor Drew Lock and the other young Denver Broncos quarterbacks.

Lock and fellow Broncos draft pick Noah Fant told TMZ that they were involved in a minor shuttle accident while flying into Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday morning.

"The shuttle hit something," Lock said. "It was wild."

The good news: Lock, Fant and everyone else aboard appear to be fine.

The bad: Lock needs to learn that LAX is one of the scariest places on earth.

This is where Joe Flacco’s mentoring can help

The veteran NFL passer was criticized this week for how he answered the question of whether it’s his job to mentor Lock. Some, including Broncos coaches, agreed that it was not Flacco’s job to be Lock’s mentor. Others felt Flacco felt threatened about his job security and was being selfish.

The least Flacco — no doubt a seasoned traveler after 11 NFL seasons — can do for Lock is to explain how treacherous it is flying into that hellscape. This is the kind of thing you won’t find in an NFL playbook. But it’s crucial knowledge that can help sustain a young man’s career.

You’re apparently not even safe after you land! This accident happened on the way from the plane to the terminal.

(Insert joke here about Flacco actually being the driver of the airport shuttle. Ha.)

Lock seems cool with Joe so far

Actually, Lock didn’t seem too worried about Flacco’s comments about mentoring.

"Me and Joe, he's taught me a lot so far," Lock said. “He’s dealing with trying to win football games, and I am dealing with trying to learn. ...

“We’re in the same quarterback room. He’s been great to me.”

It’s outside the QB room where Lock might need a little help perhaps.

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