Fnatic League of Legends head coach steps down

NicoThePico won’t be handling Fnatic’s drafts anymore (Lolesports/Riot Games)
NicoThePico won’t be handling Fnatic’s drafts anymore (Lolesports/Riot Games)

After a 2017 Spring Split that didn’t live up to their expectations, Fnatic is making some coaching changes. Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård is stepping down from the head League of Legends coach position, with team manager Finlay “Quaye” Stewart taking over the role.

NicoThePico said in a statement, “As I have been unable to provide the needed remedy [for Fnatic’s struggles], I feel that someone else with an outside perspective on the team and its issues, in both draft and gameplay, might be a better solution than what I was able to provide. I’ve decided to step down as Head Coach of FNC effective immediately.”

NicoThePico became Fnatic’s head coach at the end of the Summer Split 2016, replacing Luis “Deilor” Sevilla. He had large shoes to fill, as Deilor had coached Fnatic to their undefeated 2015 Summer Split and their semifinal run at the 2015 League of Legends World Championships.

Quaye has been with the Fnatic organization as the team manager since the beginning of 2016, making him an experienced option for the job. He’ll be coming in to coach a team in third place of Group A in the EU LCS with a 4-6 series record. Only the top three teams from each group head to playoffs, so Fnatic’s half-game lead on Team ROCCAT is in a precarious position. Fnatic’s next match will be against Giants on March 25.

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