A flying machine that operates like a helicopter and plane

Transwing from PteroDynamics takes a new look at how the future of aircraft could take off and land. The aircraft has a transforming wing that focuses on vertical takeoff and landing, but what makes it special is the way it transforms in midair to a fixed airplane to reach its destination. Once it reaches its destination the fixed wings will transform again into a hovercraft to begin its landing process. Learn more at

Transcript: An aircraft with transforming wings. The Transwing is designed for use with cargo, passengers, and much more. It begins its vertical takeoff with wings tucked in. Eliminating the need for a long runway. Once it reaches the desired altitude it begins its thrust forward. As it moves forward the craft will then take a familiar plane-like shape. Transitioning into a more traditional fixed wing aircraft. When it reaches its destination Transwing contracts its wings and begins vertical landing process. Learn more at

Video Transcript