Flyers vs. Bruins NHL Lake Tahoe weather: Conditions could pose challenge for game, ice

Adam Hermann
·1 min read

Why Lake Tahoe weather could pose challenge for Flyers-Bruins originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Outdoor hockey puts the sport back where it belongs, among the elements — but sometimes those elements can throw a wrench in a game.

So what should we expect from Mother Nature on Sunday when the Flyers face the Bruins in South Lake Tahoe on Sunday?

Plenty of sun — in fact, maybe a little too much.

NBC10 Philadelphia's Steve Sosna took a look at this weekend's forecast for the outdoor rink, which you can watch in the video above.

Here's a rundown:

  • Friday: 45, partly cloudy, some rain

  • Saturday: 37, mostly sunny

  • Sunday: 43, sunny

Sounds pretty nice... although 43 degrees might warm that ice up a little too much.

"As we move into Sunday, a lot of sunshine will challenge that ice," Sosna said.

Sosna also broke down the forecast by period:

  • First period: 36, sunny

  • Second period: 39, sunny

  • Third period: 42, sunny

By the third period, with a combination of rising temperatures, unfettered sun, and wear and tear from 40 minutes of skating, that ice might be a little choppy.

Beware the bouncing puck!

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