Flyers fans place pictures of Sidney Crosby in urinals, because Philly

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor
Puck Daddy

Before Sidney Crosby could put up four points during a lopsided Penguins Game 3 victory, Philadelphia Flyers’ fans were already pissing on his face.

Sort of.

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After posting a natural hat trick in a dominant showing in the series-opener, the Penguins captain is clearly in the heads, and apparently bladders, of Flyers fans. Many urinals in the Wells Fargo Center featured pictures of Crosby before and during Game 3, an important gesture which clearly had a big impact on the game in the Flyers’ favour.

(Checks box score) — uh, never mind.

The villainous Penguins and their evil leader went to town on the Flyers for the second time in the series, with Crosby pumping out four points by himself despite his soggy, urine-soaked photo dwelling in men’s rooms across the Wells Fargo Center.

No. 87 shrugged it off and wasn’t all that surprised about the dedication of Flyers fans — some of whom apparently spending a chunk of their weekend printing off photos and stuffing them into toilets — when questioned about it after the game, lamenting the lack of originality by the Philadelphia trolls.

“It’s not the first building that’s happened in, so… I don’t know if they stole that idea from somewhere else. But yeah, it’s not the first time that’s happened,” he said.

Stay classy, Philly. Better than eating horse turds to celebrate a Super Bowl victory, I guess?


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