Flush with a contract extension, DeMarcus Cousins donates $1 million to local charities (Video)

Last week, we wondered if the giant contract extension that the Sacramento Kings awarded DeMarcus Cousins would be worth it for the franchise. The consternation had absolutely nothing to do with Cousins’ iffy off-court reputation, and more to do with his issues defensively and in the low post.

Well, there’s nothing to dislike about this batch of off-court news, barely audibly announced towards the end of Monday’s press conference during Sacramento’s media day. The presser, designed to discuss the contract extension with new Kings owner Vivek Ranadive on hand, nearly wrapped up before Cousins was goaded into revealing he was donating $1 million of that new deal toward local charities.

From Bryan Rose at a Royal Pain:

As the press conference concluded, a relatively unsure Cousins looked around, hands wrapped around the microphone, clearly wanting to say something. Owner Vivek Ranadive was getting out of his seat, as was general manager Pete D’Alessandro. They could see Cousins wanting to speak, so they urged him on where he quietly announced that he was donating $1 million dollars to Sacramento families in need of financial assistance. There was no fan fare – no ‘praise me’ from Cousins. Had you turned away for a moment you wouldn’t have known it took place. It was literally nothing more than simple side note as he walked away over to awaiting media members.

Cousins wasn’t overly clear in how the funds would be distributed – he likely didn’t know as he simply stated that he would be donating to families in need along with Mayor Kevin Johnson‘s organization.

Rose mentioned that Cousins, who will be working on his rookie contract through this season (making $4.9 million in 2013-14), has long been more than amenable to contributing mightily to local charities and disaster relief. Cousins, who will be receiving a four-year, $62 million extension, mentioned that he was “blessed to be in this situation” earlier in the press conference.

You can watch the revelation here: