Floyd Mayweather gets touchdown balls from both Seahawks and Rams

You know, it’s good to see good things happen to insanely wealthy folks who sit in the front rows of football games.

During Sunday afternoon’s professional football contest between the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle receiver Tyler Lockett pulled down a beauty of a touchdown pass and proceeded to hand it right off to Floyd Mayweather, boxing champion par excellence. Mayweather immediately announced that the football would be his next opponent in a matchup that will only cost $99.95 on pay-per-view.

The Seahawks are no strangers to touchdown celebrations, from hit-by-pitch throwdowns to fully choreographed dance parties, and this one’s a decent addition to the list. We will assume that Mayweather will not count as a prop for the NFL’s fining purposes.

And then it got even better for Mayweather, as the Rams’ Brandin Cooks handed him another football after scoring a touchdown to put Los Angeles up 12 points. Man! The luck of that guy!

Oh, and the section where Mayweather was hanging out is so exclusive it doesn’t even show up on the Rams’ ticket map. If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it. But hey, if you do decide to mortgage your home and get that close, you might just get yourself a football handed to you. Of course, you might have to fight Floyd Mayweather to hang onto it.

Tyler Lockett hands the football to Floyd Mayweather. (via screenshot)
Tyler Lockett hands the football to Floyd Mayweather. (via screenshot)

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