This New Flower Company Is Designed for Clueless Dudes...and We Have Feelings

Let me preface this spiel by saying that I'm a flower person. When I receive a surprise bouquet of blooms, I turn to literal human putty. But my fiance? Bless his sweet, beautiful soul, but he wouldn't know the difference between a garden rose and a gerbera daisy to save his life. (As any flower person knows, there's a big one). 

Which is why the latest direct-to-consumer flower innovation caught my attention. Meet the blatantly-named new company, Real Men Buy Flowers. The idea behind it? Simplify the flower-buying process for men by giving them one, by-occasion bouquet option.

Anniversary? White roses, done. Valentine's Day? Ruby peonies, done. Mother's Day? White tuberose and hydrangeas are headed to Mom. You can also purchase a Real Man Flower Plan, which allows you to punch in important dates for the year, and purchase all your bouquets in one fell swoop. 

Now, is it kind of totally sexist to insinuate that men know nothing about flowers? And that all women want peonies on February 14? 1,000 percent.

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