Florio: Commanders make the most sense for Lamar Jackson

One NFL football commentator believes the Commanders make the most sense for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tweeted the following Thursday:

Notice that, according to Florio, the Commanders would not simply be a good place for Jackson. He also didn’t say the Commanders would be one of the better locations for Jackson. No, Florio went as far as saying the Commanders are clearly the one place, making the most sense for Jackson.

Oh, and not for a stated reason, not for one overwhelming reason, but for various reasons (plural) and on multiple levels.

Florio’s apparent major reason in his article would make the most sense was not Ron Rivera as head coach. Nor was it Eric Bieniemy as the new offensive coordinator. Brian Robinson, Jr, Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel and Jahan Dotson were not listed as reasons either.

No, the major reason for Jackson to become a Commander, according to Florio, is outgoing owner Daniel Snyder himself. Even more, the reason is not that Snyder likes to spend money acquiring NFL players (which he does).

For Florio, the overwhelming reason to make Lamar Jackson a Washington Commander is that Florio believes Daniel Snyder to be a big enough jerk to stick it to the team on his way out, putting them in deep cap trouble.

Florio even suggests Mr. Snyder would be ornery enough to actually guarantee the entire deal, knowing he would not be the one picking up the bill. Such a move would erect a new bar surpassing that of the ridiculous Cleveland deal for Deshaun Watson.

It’s understanding that Florio has often spoken in opposition to the antics and behavior of Daniel Snyder. Frankly, who hasn’t had sufficient cause?

Florio can be often entertaining, but here, it might be Florio’s ever-present dislike for Snyder appearing to be driving that train.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire