Florida showed Todd Grantham the money to get him to spurn the Bengals

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

For the players, college football is amateur athletics. But for the coaches, amateur football can pay every bit as well as professional football.

In some cases, even better: Todd Grantham has decided to remain the defensive coordinator at Florida after the Gators made him a very competitive financial offer to turn down an offer to become the defensive coordinator of the Bengals.

The University of Florida announced that it extended Grantham’s contract through 2022 and increased his salary to $1.8 million a year, placing Grantham among the five highest-paid defensive coordinators in college football.

There’s no word on what the Bengals were offering him, but suffice to say Grantham will make a salary at Florida that’s very competitive with what NFL assistant coaches get paid.

It’s well-known in football circles that the highest-paid head coaches in college football make salaries comparable to what NFL coaches make. But all that money in college football is increasingly trickling down to the assistant coaches as well. The players aren’t paid, but the coaches are getting rich.

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