Flight attendant answers why planes still have ashtrays

A flight attendant on TikTok is answering why planes have ashtrays, even though passengers haven't been allowed to smoke onboard since 1988. TikTok user @flyingkaylee, who goes by Kaylee on the app, describes herself in her bio as a Canadian flight attendant who is ready to answer any and all questions about her job. "Have you ever noticed that even new airplanes have ashtrays?" she asks in one TikTok. Ultimately, the reason is, well, people don't always listen to the rules. Ashtrays are still included on flights just in case someone decides they want to smoke in the bathroom and needs somewhere to safely put out the cigarette. Tossing a lit cigarette into the bathroom trash can could start an in-flight fire. The commenter went on to say that bathrooms are also equipped with smoke detectors, so it's very difficult to get away with sneaking a cigarette mid-flight. Airplane smoke detectors also don't go off in a traditional way because a sudden loud alarm could cause a panic — instead, the staff gets notified