Flex decisions for week 17

Andy Behrens and Matt Harmon run through a few flex options to consider on Sunday.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: It is time to turn to "The Flex Position" and our built to serve picks brought to you by Ram Trucks. They're redefining what a truck can be and do every day with plenty of power, capability, and durability. Each week, we're picking players that align with these quality traits that can lead your fantasy lineup into a winning position. Matt, who was looking capable to you this week?

MATT HARMON: Well, first of all, I would be remiss if I didn't point out what a diva Andy Behrens is that he was so afraid that Mindy would flame him on the last show of the season that he had to get up. We got a pre-taped segment from Mindy. We couldn't get her live on the show. Unbelievable. But let's get down to--

ANDY BEHRENS: You run all those by me here.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, of course. My capability pick here is Cam Akers. And it's crazy that we've gotten to this position with Cam Akers and we're just kind of trusting him as an RV2 Flex type of guy, because the analysis with Cam Akers not only do we think he might be like off the roster at one point.

Even when we got late into the season and Akers was getting some of those nice workloads, it was like, well, you can't trust the Rams back because they just go, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy every single week. Well, the Rams straight up cut Darrell Henderson. And then over the last three weeks, Cam Akers has been a top five fantasy back. This guy wasn't even in the top 50 of the position leading into that stretch.

And this match-up against the Chargers is really nice. Look, I know the Chargers have rounded their defense into form. We've been talking about it with Austin Ekeler on the podcast. That's great, but they still give up 5.07 yards per carry since week 12. So defense overall is pretty good, but you can still build some runs here on them. I do think Cam Akers is going to have a nice, usable game here-- very capable of a nice usable game here in week 17.

ANDY BEHRENS: My pick for durability-- and he's durable because I keep picking him in this segment-- is Brian Robinson. First of all, outstanding match-up this week against the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland on the season, allowing 4.9 yards per carry, bottom third of the league in terms of rushing yards overall.

And you look at Robinson over his last six games, he's averaging 4.6 yards per carry. Started-- started a little slow. Understandable, given the injuries that he was coming off. But he has been efficient over the last six games. He has 13 runs of 10 or more yards during that stretch. That's the third most in the league. So he's been explosive. He's got a spectacular match-up ahead of him. I expect him to find the end zone in this one.

And then workload has certainly not been an issue. He's seen 20 or more touches in three of his last four games. Got a banged up Antonio Gibson right now. So I think Robinson is probably in line for 20, maybe 25 touches in this one. And again, it is a great spot. Matt, who is your pick for power?

MATT HARMON: Love that Brian Robinson. I feel like Brian Robinson somehow makes it into this segment every single week. And I love it this week, too. I think I'm really in on him. I'm in on another rookie as well, Drake London, another guy that I think is probably number two to Brian Robinson in terms of guy we've talked about most in this segment.

And I know I've been the one doing most of the Drake London talking. And a lot of times it didn't work out, especially in the middle of the season, but right now since week 12, no player has a higher of their team's targets than Drake London at 39.5%.

We did it. We did it. We finally got to the point where the Falcons are just featuring their best player in the offense. Now I know it's not the most voluminous passing game, so 39.5% of the Falcons' targets, not quite the same as most offenses around the league, but London has still been a steady, consistent producer with 20 catches in this span, routinely getting over 80, 90 yards. Hasn't gotten in the end zone in this stretch.

I think he and Desmond Ridder hook up for their first touchdown connection against the Arizona Cardinals, a defense that-- I mean, I don't tend to buy into the whole idea that some teams are just looking towards the off season, they're looking towards the golf course. That might be a team that's looking towards the golf course.

ANDY BEHRENS: I love that call. He is certainly due to find the end zone. All right, get those guys in your rosters. And be sure to check out the entire game-changing RAM lineup at