Flex Decisions - Week 11

Matt Harmon and Tank Williams run through a few flex options to consider in week 11.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, it's time to turn to the flex position and our built to serve picks, brought to you by Ram Trucks. They're redefining what a truck can be and do every day, with plenty of power, capability, and durability. So each week, we're picking players that align with these quality traits, that can lead your fantasy lineup into a winning position.

I'll get us started here with my capability pick, and it's wide receiver DeVonta Smith, who like, if you watch the games, you know this dude is plenty capable enough. The guy is a great wide receiver. He's a great player. It's just been a bit of a problem getting him consistent targets. But I think now that Dallas Goedert is on IR, we might get more consistency out of my guy here, Davante Smith.

Dallas Goedert has run a route on 85.9% of Jalen Hurts drop backs. That's led all tight ends this year. And the Philadelphia passing tree is really just incredibly concentrated between these three dudes, Dallas Goedert, AJ Brown, and DeVonta Smith. They've made up almost 75% of Jalen Hurts' targets.

And really, Tank, I don't see a dude on the roster, like Quez Watkins or Zach Pascal, like any of the tight ends there, that are really going to take a ton of that work that Dallas Goedert has left behind. I think it mostly just redistributes to AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith, who I think is plenty capable to be probably like an every week starter the rest of the way for you. And you might not have to live with some of those volatile moments that we've had earlier in the year.

TANK WILLIAMS: And I'll agree, agree, definitely with that. My durability pick is going to be Kadarius Toney, someone that I talked about a lot last week. We have Mecole Hardman on IR. We have JuJu Smith-Schuster out with a concussion. That was a scary play. Hopefully he gets healed up soon. MVS was in and out of the lineup last week, so we may just need to name this dude Ka-durability Toney, because he's about the only wide receiver left for the Kansas City Chiefs.

And he has an amazing match-up against the Chargers, which is likely going to be a shootout like the scene from "The Matrix." And so I'm not really sure if people still reference "The Matrix" for their favorite shootouts. I maybe dating myself, but anyhoo, I think Kadarius Toney should be a lock because of the game script and the game flow this Sunday night. So make sure you get them into your lineup immediately.

MATT HARMON: Well, I'm 100% with all your points there, that Kadarius Toney is like kind of a must-start right now. But I never thought I'd see durability and Kadarius Toney ranked in the same sentence there. That's an interesting one. My last pick is a guy that Scott mentioned just a little bit ago, my power pick is Nico Collins, who, man, that dude has got a ton of power in two key areas of playing wide receiver.

Number one, he is powerful at the catch point. You watch his highlight reel, the guy can go up and absolutely get it in contested catch areas. But I also think he's kind of underrated as a power player off the line of scrimmage. I think he's a pretty good press coverage beater. And I think the Texans are starting to see that. He got healthy last week and he ran a route on 81% of the drop backs in week 10. That was the highest on the team.

Collins is like a great option for these teams that are missing all of these stud wide receivers this week. I've got him on a lot of my rosters. I'm feeling really good about plugging him in there. The Commanders are kind of a pass funnel defense, and as Dalton Del Don always points out, his guy, Davis Mills, is a little bit better playing at home than he is on the road.

So I feel like Collins not only is a good start this week, I wouldn't be surprised, Tank, if he out produces Brandin Cooks the rest of the season, just given the way that Cooks is feeling about being a member of the Houston Texans right now. So make sure you get those guys in your rosters, and be sure to check out the entire game-changing Ram lineup at