Five weeks after release, Playmakers can be had for under $19

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The Amazon algorithm is harder to predict than the weather in April.

The Bezos behemoth’s price for Playmakers settled at $19.49 not long after the book came out. It has periodically dropped to $13.99, with limited supplies at that price being gobbled up after than wrapped candy in a rest home.

Five weeks after release, Playmakers has dropped to what may be the new price of $18.75. Or maybe it’s just temporary.

Regardless, it’s currently more than $10 off the retail price. If you come here on a regular basis, it has a lot more of the things that keep you coming back. And the various essays continue to be timely, especially at a time when the NFL has more than its share of boiling pots.

Buy it for mom for Mother’s Day. Buy it for dad for Father’s Day. Buy it for your spouse for the anniversary of your wedding. But it for yourself for your birth. Buy it for your dog to have something for him (or her) to chew up and/or slobber on.

Regardless, until the next blink-and-you-missed it opportunity to snag one at $13.99 rolls along, $18.75 is the best price we can find.

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