Five teams put in waiver claims for Elijah Higgins, Cardinals had highest priority

The Cardinals got a sought-after player when they were awarded tight end Elijah Higgins on waivers yesterday.

Five NFL teams put in waiver claims for Higgins a day after he failed to make the Dolphins' 53-player roster, according to Field Yates of ESPN. That made him the most-claimed player in the NFL, with the Colts, Titans, Commanders and Packers all putting in claims but the Cardinals getting him because they were the highest in the waiver priority list. (The waiver order is the same as the NFL draft order, so the Cardinals get third priority, after the Bears and Texans.)

The Dolphins took Higgins out of Stanford in the sixth-round of this year's NFL draft and attempted to convert him from wide receiver to tight end. They apparently didn't think he was making enough progress at his new position, but the fact that five other teams wanted him suggests that he has plenty of talent, in the eyes of NFL personnel departments. The Cardinals are also listing Higgins as a tight end.

If the Dolphins had known how many teams were interested, they probably could have traded Higgins. A player five different teams want is probably a player at least one team would be willing to trade for. Even if all the Dolphins could have received is an exchange of late-round picks, it's a trade the Dolphins could have made.

Only one other player was claimed by more than two teams: Guard Nick Broeker, a seventh-round rookie who was cut by the Bills, was claimed by the Texans, Cardinals, Titans and Giants. The Texans got him because they had the highest waiver priority.