Five key questions about Georgia

Chris Lee, Publisher
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Crystal LoGiudice, USA Today's Anthony Dasher answers five key questions about Georgia heading into the matchup with Vanderbilt.

1. Please give us an update on personnel this week--key players missing time due to injury or suspension, returning from such things, or players perhaps questionable or playing at less than full strength.

Obviously the injury to defensive lineman Trenton Thompson, who appears to be out for the Vandy game, would be one. Yes, the Bulldogs will be without preseason All-SEC defensive tackle Trenton Thompson who strained an MCL in the win over Tennessee.

Fortunately for Georgia, there is excellent depth at the defensive line position, so the loss of Thompson may not hurt as much as it ordinarily might.

Georgia is also expected to be without back linebacker Reggie Carter, who suffered an "undisclosed injury" against the Vols, although sources tell UGASports that it was a concussion.

Otherwise, Georgia is relatively healthy for the game, including quarterback Jacob Eason (knee) and cornerback Malkom Parrish (broken bone in his left foot).

2. Kirby Smart has spoken of starting either Jake Frohm or Jacob Eason at quarterback this week. What are the differences between the two? If you're Kirby Smart, which do you pick?

There's not a ton of difference. Eason has a stronger arm, while Fromm has more more ability to run, as he showed against the Vols with a pair of touchdown runs.

But don't let Smart fool you. The Bulldogs are 4-0 with Fromm as the starter and in my view there's no need for a change unless the freshman just proves he cannot do the job.

That hasn't happened so far. Players and opposing coaches speak often about Fromm's "moxie" and leadership, and those are two aspects I believe will keep him in the starting lineup until further notice.

3. Aside from Nick Chubb or Sony Michel or either quarterback, which offensive player should most concern Vanderbilt?

Freshman D'Andre Swift is another running back who will see extensive playing time. Swift has been extremely impressive, and if not for Chubb and Michel would no doubt have some eye-popping numbers.

Otherwise, watch out for wide receiver Terry Godwin who counts four touchdowns among his 10 receptions (257 yards).

Senior Javon Wims is also favorite target of Fromm and leads Georgia in catches with 11 for 197 yards and two scores.

4. Georgia has a boatload of talent on its front seven, even without Thompson. Who's the best of that bunch that we'll seeon Saturday?

Middle linebacker Roquan Smith is a preseason All-SEC pick at middle linebacker and one of the fastest at his position I've ever seen at UGA. He's a difference maker.

Otherwise, defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter and nose tackle John Atkins have been solid while the duo of Lorenzo Carter (three sacks) and Davin Bellamy (two sacks) are playing as well as any combo of outside linebackers in the SEC.

5. Where is Georgia most vulnerable to what Vanderbilt does offensively and defensively?

Georgia hasn't shown a ton of vulnerability - especially on defense - as indicated by their top billing with Alabama in the SEC statistical standings.

The only thing I can say right now is Georgia has faced on one pure pocket QB year (Quentin Dormady last week), so perhaps a QB with some time in the pocket could create some problems.

But getting time is the key. I do believe that Kyle Shurmur is a definite step above from Dormady, so perhaps the Commodore offense can make some hay there.

Defensively, getting pretty on the freshman Fromm is probably the way to go, but to be effective there, Vanderbilt will have to try and slow Georgia's running game to put the Bulldogs in as many as second- and third-and-long situations as possible.

So far, however, that hasn't happened a ton.

BONUS QUESTION: Has Kirby Smart lightened up with his approach to the media yet?Coach Smart has his way of doing things, and the beat writers have learned to adjust. Sure, it would be great to talk to assistants, but like I've said before, it is what it is.

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