Our Five: Best college football turnover celebrations

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The lasting image from Miami’s resurgence in 2017 was the “Turnover Chain.”

After every turnover caused by Manny Diaz’s defense, the player who came up with the ball would race to the sideline to be adorned by a massive gold “U” chain. It became one of the best parts of the 2017 season, and has carried over into 2018 — with some imitators.

After one week we’ve seen our fair share of copycats. So we decided to rank the top five.

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5. Tulane’s turnover beads

These colorful beads from Tulane were debuted during last week’s game against Wake Forest. Linebacker Lawrence Graham reeled in an interception in the fourth quarter and got to celebrate accordingly.

Those are pretty sharp, but are maybe a little too much like the Turnover Chain?

4. Kennesaw State turnover plank

FCS Kennesaw State saw Miami’s turnover chain and raised with the turnover plank. Yes, a plank. As in a block of wood. It has a face on it. It rules.

The plank was found “somewhere in Florida” by wideout Tanner Jones in 2015. In 2017, he began bringing it into the locker room and it later made its way to the sideline. When safety Taylor Henkle intercepted a pass, somebody handed him the plank and he held it up to the crowd. That moment birthed the photo above, and made the plank an integral part of the team.

Plank went everywhere with the team:

Long live plank.

3. Memphis’ Ric Flair robe

During Memphis’ opener against Mercer over the weekend, the turnover robe was unveiled to the world.

(via Carrie Rudy @cre8dbycarrie)
(via Carrie Rudy @cre8dbycarrie)

Per the Commercial Appeal, the Ric Flair-style robe is “adorned with blue feathers, Siberian Tiger stripes and the words ‘takeaway champ’ with the Memphis logo across the back.”

“We had the takeaway belt and so we mentioned (the turnover robe) to (defensive coordinator Chris Ball) and we fell in love with the idea,” Tigers head coach Mike Norvell said. “Our guys are fired up about that. And to see we had some guys to put it on tonight was definitely more exciting. We want to celebrate that. To have a couple of game-changing plays, it was fun to see.”

(via Carrie Rudy @cre8dbycarrie)
(via Carrie Rudy @cre8dbycarrie)

Just tremendous all the way around, though it’s probably a bit hot to wear during Memphis this time of year.

2. Boise’s turnover throne

Boise State has no time for jewelry. Instead, BSU brought out the fancy furniture for its players.

The Broncos unveiled the turnover throne Saturday night during the win over Troy. It’s located between the benches and traveled all the way from Boise to Troy, Alabama, for the game. Cornerback Tyler Horton was one of four Boise players to try it out against the Trojans.

(via ESPN)
(via ESPN)

Boise has had a few turnover props in the past, but this is the best one. Coach Bryan Harsin liked the early returns in Week 1.

“It’s not really just about the chair itself. It’s about going out and creating opportunities, which our defense did tonight,” Harsin said per the Idaho Statesman. “We had four turnovers — two that we scored on. That doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure it’s the chair, but the chair certainly made it more enjoyable on the sideline.”

1. Miami’s Turnover Chain

We can’t stray from the originator here. It was Week 1 of the 2017 season after a Malek Young interception against Bethune-Cookman that the Turnover Chain was born.

It became one of the stories of the 2017 season. For much of the year, the Miami defense wreaked havoc for opposing offenses, leading the country in sacks and causing 31 turnovers total. There was plenty of camera time for the chain, but it got its biggest showcases of the year when the Hurricanes trounced and beat up on Notre Dame and Virginia Tech in front of national audiences.

Miami’s 2018 season started off on a sour note against LSU, but we’ll see the chain once again sooner rather than later.

(Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

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