FitFest 2024 scheduled for Saturday at SMHS

Apr. 26—Leaders in the fitness community of Crossville and Cumberland County have a mission in mind. They understand that by working together, much can be accomplished.

So, Jenny and Jeremy Ricks of Hangout Gym, Maggie Moss of Moss Meals, and Peggy Eberhart of Brikhouse Gym are coming together for the second annual Crossville FitFest April 27 at Stone Memorial High School.

"We're really trying to show people that whatever you like doing for exercise, any movement is good movement," said Moss. "If all you feel like doing is walking, that is great.

"Anything you enjoy doing is what you should do.

"The key is we want to come together as a community, and we want to incorporate all aspects of fitness as part of that."

The FitFest day will get started with the 5K Race at 8 a.m. Moss encourages all competitors to be at the facility around 7 to begin registration.

The Spartan Deka event, coordinated by Hangout Gym, will get started at 8.

Eberhart will have a weight program designed for competitors to reach their maximum repetitions in each event. The men will begin lifting at 9, and the women will begin competing at 11.

"Honestly we were blown away by how many people were part of our first-ever event last year," Moss said. "I think we were surprised, mainly because it was the very first year. We probably had 300-400 people that day.

Moss said registration is going well for the 5K competition. They are quickly approaching 100 racers, but she added that runners who haven't already registered can sign up the day of the race.

"The 5K race will be chip-timed and we will begin in the parking lot of the school," Moss said. "The race will go out Cook Rd. and loop River Otter Rd.. It is basically an out-and-back like race."

The competition will include the age categories, for males and females, of 19 and under. Other age categories include: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and over.

The runners will be recognized for top finishes in the age group, and the top male and female winners in the overall categories.

The registration fee is $32 for signing up online.

"All of the proceeds of the 5K race will be donated to the Crossville Mission Training Bible Center," Moss said.

Moss encouraged local citizens that aren't competing to go to the event. She said there will be several vendors set up, and there is no admission fee.

The DEKA Mile competition is considered by many as one of the most popular training programs.

"In the DEKA Mile, you will run or walk a tenth of a mile," Moss said. "Then you will do your first station, and it may be lunges. Then you run another tenth of a mile and your second station could be rowing.

"You complete 10 one-tenth mile runs and 10 fitness stations. It is really a competition against yourself."

There are team and individual categories with registration fees, depending on which category of participation, of $40 to $54.

The third event scheduled for the day is a weightlifting contest designed for participants to reach their maximum repetitions in the bench press and the deadlift.

"There will the categories of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight," Moss said.

"Last year, we had only one weight for the competition. So, this year we've added three categories and we think that will open it up to new competitors."

The weights for the competition will vary according to categories.

In the lightweight division, men will bench press 135 pounds and deadlift 225. In the middleweights, men will bench press 185 and deadlift 275, and the weights in the heavyweight division are 225 pounds for the bench press and 315 for the deadlift.

For the women in the lightweight division, they will bench press 65. pounds and deadlift 95 pounds. The middle weights will bench press 85 pounds and deadlift 135, while the heavyweights will lift 105 and 185 pounds, respectively.

The registration fee for weightlifting will range from $30 to $60 depending on category.

Visit the Crossville FitFest 2024 Facebook page for more information about the event.