First-round WR prospect explains why he wears a Star of David even though he's not Jewish

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The mystery of former Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy’s Star of David necklace is kind of a weird one.

Jeudy, who is currently at the NFL scouting combine, was asked on Tuesday why he wears a necklace bearing a traditional symbol of the Jewish faith. If you thought his answer was going to be, “I’m Jewish,” then buckle up your seat belt, because Jeudy’s going to take you on a little ride through the strange world of sports nicknames.

It really was that simple. People shortened Jeudy’s last name to just the first syllable, and he bought a necklace that symbolized that.

It’s not clear how long Jeudy has been wearing the necklace, and this seems to be the first time anyone has asked him about it. Shortly after he answered that question at the combine, Jeudy went on Twitter to clarify that he doesn’t mean to offend anyone by wearing the necklace.

While some people were undoubtedly angry that he’s wearing a symbol of a faith he does not practice, many replied to Jeudy’s tweet to tell him that they were not offended and he should continue to wear the necklace.

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