Which first round WR will be most effective in fantasy?

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Liz Loza and Matt Harmon break down the rookie wide receivers drafted in the opening round of the 2022 NFL Draft

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Well, we knew it was only going to be a matter of time before there was a run on wide receivers in the 2022 NFL draft. And oh, my goodness, what a run it was. Drake London kicked it off with the eighth pick to Atlanta. Then he was obviously, the first wide receiver taken. And then Garrett Wilson showed up with the 10th pick. You got Chris Olave right after that with the 11th. Teammate.

Former Ohio State Buckeye, Jameson Williams, goes to Detroit with the 12th pick. They traded up to get him. Jahan Dotson, 16th pick to Washington. And Treylon Burks replaces AJ Brown in Tennessee with the 18th pick. Matt, lot here we're going to discuss. Much more of this on the "Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast." But tell me for fantasy, which of these picks is your favorite?

MATT HARMON: I think from a fantasy angle for year one, it's really close, I think, between my top two receivers in the class, which was Drake London and Chris Olave. It's really close between those two. I think I might break ties in favor of Chris Olave just because I love the fit for both players. I love the way they're going to slide into those two offenses.

But, you know, look, when I'm looking at Marcus Mariota there in Atlanta or Jameis Winston there in New Orleans, I'm not the biggest Jameis Winston fan in the world, but he can pump up some fantasy numbers for a wide receiver. And Chris Olave is just pro ready. Like, he is an NFL wide receiver right now here on April 28, 29, whenever you're watching this. He is ready to be a starting NFL wide receiver.

So I think he is-- he should be the favorite, I think, to put up the best numbers as a rookie because the quarterback situation isn't great, but it's enough to get him there. And I think his ability and the way his game projects is just so clean to the NFL level that he's my favorite, I think, for fantasy for year one specifically.

LIZ LOZA: Because you mentioned quarterback situations, I just have to shout out Garrett Wilson, who was one of my top three guys. Now Zach Wilson gets another piece with Elijah Moore with Corey Davis with two tight ends with another piece in the offensive line. How much are you buying in on those inevitable Zach Wilson redemption pieces that are going to be running all over the internet over the summer?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, no excuses. I mean, he's got two guys in Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson that just know how to get open and are so explosive. So it's easy to squint at it and be, like, man, this looks really good for Zach Wilson. It's just it's all going to be on Zach Wilson. So it's interesting.

I think the Jets have had a great draft in general. But it's-- for Joe Douglas and the boys, it's all going to come back to Zach Wilson. I don't know how to-- I really don't know how to feel. I'm going to spend all summer. I'm, like, confused on how I feel about this.

LIZ LOZA: Zach Wilson feels like he's about to be the Daniel Jones of this coming summer. We'll discuss more of that, come on, the "Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast." Check it out.