The First Metaverse Has Arrived to the Cardano Blockchain

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Looks like another metaverse is joining Decentraland and The Sandbox, and it’s called Pavia but with a difference that is built on the Cardano blockchain. ADA’s price has reacted to this news and is up approximately 10% in the last 24 hours.

According to Pavia’s official website, the name of the metaverse was chosen because Gerolamo Cardano (Cardano’s name origin) was born in Pavia, Italy in September 1501.

What Is Pavia?

Pavia is a metaverse built on Cardano’s blockchain, where you can buy and sell digital land parcels as Cardano NFTs, having an “In-game experience.”

Pavia was first announced in September 2021, owned by Pavia Corp. According to their website, there are 100,000 digital land parcels, of which 60,000 were sold during October and November 2021. The rest of the parcels are planned to be sold during this quarter, according to Pavia’s team roadmap.

Pavia has its utility token named PAVIA which will be airdropped to 60% of early landowners. PAVIA has a total supply of 2 billion tokens and 25% (500 million) will be airdropped to those owners, according to PAVIA tokenomics.

There are six locations where your digital land parcel could be located in the metaverse: Land, Sand, Sea, Deep Sea, Mountain, and Forest. With 60% of all the land being sold, there are over 8,300 landowners in Pavia, according to Pavia’s official website.

Pavia Is Not Only a Metaverse

Besides selling and buying lands, Pavia plans this first quarter to add liquidity to Cardano Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and explore liquidity in different blockchains (cross-chain).

The team also intends to have on-platform assets, gamification, and more for the Pavia community.

Later this year, the team plans to host the first live event at Pavia Plaza, focus on cross metaverse and start testing Pavia Portals.

As more blockchains are created, it appears in each one of them at least there will be one metaverse. We all know Decentraland and The Sandbox in Ethereum, now Pavia in Cardano, and others like Polka City in Polkadot, Kalao in Avalanche, and Star Atlas in Solana.

Do you imagine if the metaverse of each blockchain could connect with each other? It would be mind-blowing, right? Only time will tell, but the sure thing is, like it or not, we are going to live in two parallel worlds.

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