Will firing of Ken Dorsey help, or hurt, Josh Allen?

Bills coach Sean McDermott needed to do something drastic. Whether it works or not is a different issue.

With Ken Dorsey fired (the team opted to say he was relieved of his duties on X — at least they didn't post "THANK YOU, KEN!" . . . yet) and Joe Brady elevated into the offensive coordinator position, the change will impact the players. It definitely will impact quarterback Josh Allen.

Just last week, Allen said the players need to play better for Dorsey. Allen will have to process this change, quickly. He'll have to deal with the fact that his failures on the field have contributed to the firing of his position coach since 2019, and his offensive coordinator since Brian Daboll became the head coach of the Giants in 2022.

Allen will blame himself. It will be a lot for him to handle, and another game happens in just five days.

Beyond the things Allen will have to do to come to terms with Dorsey's firing, Allen will also have to pivot to having Brady craft and implement game plans. Will they run the ball more? (It worked last night.) Will they use a no-huddle offense more often? (It has been successful.) Will they turn Allen himself loose as a runner? (They might stop worrying about Allen getting injured.)

They need to do something, or none of the current coaching staff will be there to coach Allen in 2024. At 5-5 and with several tough games left (Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Dolphins), the Bills have an uphill climb to get to the postseason.

Can they do it with a revamped offense? We'll get the first glimpse of it in five days.