Firefox wants to help Bears fans with their 'Fire Fox' movement

The “Fire Fox” movement in Chicago has a lot of momentum. (@aarontor)
The “Fire Fox” movement in Chicago has a lot of momentum. (@aarontor)

The clever “Fire Fox” movement has gained such steam among Chicago Bears fans that even Firefox has officially jumped on board.

With embattled coach John Fox seemingly in his final weeks with the team, many Bears fans have taken to using the browser’s logo on social media to hopefully spur the front office into action. One fan was even spotted waving around a giant Firefox logo in Philadelphia as the Eagles dismantled the Bears last Sunday.

Apparently not one to look a free branding opportunity in the mouth, the marketing folks at Firefox have sprung into action. Noticing that many of the Bears fans have been using outdated Firefox logos, they’ve promised to hook up protesting fans with updated Firefox Quantum swag including t-shirts they can wear to the games to show their displeasure with Fox.

Firefox even released a statement that contained a few Bears references that fans might enjoy.

“We empathize with Bears fans who are frustrated with their team,” Firefox CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff told 670 The Score. “Being unsatisfied with the internal workings of something you care about? We’ve been there. To release Firefox Quantum, our fastest browser ever, we had to bear down and replace many out-of-date and under-performing components. While it was at times difficult, we managed to soldier on, put more weight on our big shoulders, and as a result shipped an incredible product that sparked a huge increase in interest and downloads.

“We’re not here to start any trouble, but unfortunately, the logo used in the stands in Philadelphia was out of date. If any Firefox fans are planning on carrying a Firefox Logo to an upcoming sporting event and sitting in a highly visible location in the stadium, please send us a note on Twitter and we’ll do our best to get you on-brand.”

More than a few Bears fans want to participate:

It’s not every day that a company can get free advertising during a NFL game. Credit to the people at Firefox for recognizing a good opportunity when they see one.

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