Fired MLB analyst launches YouTube baseball show titled 'Manalyst TV'

Recently fired Toronto Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun is back, and he’s ready to provide commentary that only a real man can deliver.

At least that’s the feeling you get from the controversial former major league catcher after he officially announced a new YouTube exclusive show titled “Manalyst TV.”

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According to Zaun himself, he’s back by popular demand after his fans let him know they couldn’t go on without the pearls of wisdom he used to drop on MLB broadcasts.

Apparently there’s an audience for everything in 2018. Even this.

For those unaware of Zaun’s recent issues, the 46-year-old was fired from his Blue Jays job with Sportsnet in November of 2017 following several complaints of inappropriate behavior. Multiple women came forward with complaints about Zaun’s language and conduct. The claims were investigated by Sportsnet, leading to Zaun’s dismissal.

As a previous New York Post article notes, Zaun had cultivated a persona he called the “manalyst” during his time on Jays’ broadcasts. He was known for providing blunt and sometimes controversial commentary on Blue Jays players, opposing players and other issues from around sports.

Fired Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun is returning with a YouTube exclusive show titled
Fired Blue Jays analyst Gregg Zaun is returning with a YouTube exclusive show titled “Manalyst TV’. (AP)

Zaun’s open support of hazing in sports is one example of his attitude. Zaun said he wouldn’t trade alleged physical hazing he says he received from former teammate Cal Ripken Jr. for anything in the world. Ripken has since denied physically hazing or bullying Zaun or any other former teammate.

Those eye-opening comments forced a lot of people to look at Zaun in a different light. The revelation of the alleged inappropriate behavior further damaged his standing within baseball circles, to the point now where it’s likely irreparable.

As with Curt Schilling on the political front, the next natural move for Zaun is to go into business for himself. He’ll have his own forum to continue sharing his “manly” opinions with those who need to have their “manliness” boosted. He won’t have to conform to anyone else’s wishes or restrain himself in any way.

That’s good for Zaun and his fans. For everyone else, the thought doesn’t get any more cringeworthy.

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