Finebaum: Bryan Harsin’s eventual dismissal is ‘inevitable’

The news that Bryan Harsin will return for the 2022 season was supposed to bring a positive vibe to the football program. It did for players on the team that voiced their approval through social media channels. It definitely felt like a good outcome for most of the fanbase, you aren’t going to please everyone.

Fans were in attendance of the AUTLive game against Texas A&M and the student section was raucous with Harsin right there with them. It was a good time at Auburn Arena on Saturday.


But it isn’t all sunshine and daffodils when it comes to Harsin’s future beyond the 2022 season. He might not survive the first half of the year with the gauntlet of a schedule for the Tigers.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum went on ‘McElroy and Cubelic In The Morning’ to discuss the entire situation surrounding Harsin and the football program. Finebaum painted a very grim outlook for the second-year head coach.

“Ultimately, this is essentially what LSU did with Les Miles,” Finebaum said. “They put off the inevitable,”

Following the 2015 college football season, it was rumored that Miles would be ousted as the head coach and his replacement would be his former offensive coordinator, Jimbo Fisher. But as we all know, Miles was able to keep his job and returned for the 2016 campaign. After starting 2-1, LSU lost to Auburn and Miles was let go and they promoted Ed Orgeron.

Could we see the scenario flipped but this time Harsin plays the role of Miles? If Auburn were to start 2-2 on the year and lose to LSU at home, it very well could be a possibility.

“Most reasonable people, if they’re honest with themselves, realize that the clock is ticking loudly for Bryan Harsin and the likelihood of him being there at the end of the upcoming season is pretty slim. Again, I thought he would be gone by today. It’s not Bryan Harsin’s fault that he’s in this position. It’s Auburn’s fault. They want him out and they just delayed it by keeping him on Friday.”

We have seen this play out time and time again. The unfortunate part in all of this is what Finebaum says many take to heart. Given how the entire week leading up to the coaches meeting at SEC headquarters tells you they are looking for a reason to get him out. Harsin won the battle by keeping his job but ultimately those in power will likely win the war.

The only way for Harsin to keep them at bay is to win and win immediately.