Finally, video evidence of JaVale McGee riding his Segway in the Denver Nuggets locker room (VIDEO)

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We've long known of JaVale McGee's love for the Segway, ever since he first ... um ... drove? rode? wheeled? one through a McDonald's drive-thru way back in the summer of 20-dickety-10. Shortly after his move from the Washington Wizards to the Denver Nuggets at the NBA's March trade deadline, the enigmatic center started crowdsourcing Denver-area Segway solutions in the hope of once again being reunited with his preferred means of conveyance.

Just last week, we learned he'd been successful and is now happily two-wheeling his way around the Mile High City. And now, thanks to the intrepid team of production geniuses behind the Nuggets' YouTube channel, we know that JaVale really does ride the Segway to work. Behold:

Not necessarily the most exciting place JaVale could have Segway'd next, but probably the most reasonable.

I love JaVale's response when given some static about riding it indoors: "Going green, man. Recycle. Dang." (The Segway's often trumpeted as a more environmentally friendly method of moving around cities than driving your car.) I'm sure Nuggets fans love it, too; after all, Travel + Leisure just ranked Denver as the fourth-greenest city in the United States. (It's also been ranked the "greenest" city in the land by, um, another definition.)

I mean, I'm not convinced this is a more environmentally friendly way to get around a locker room and training facility than just, y'know, walking, and I'm pretty sure JaVale saves less gas by using the Segway indoors than he would by, y'know, walking. But it is inarguably a faster and goofier way to get around, so that's a total win. In recognition of his commitment to spreading environmental awareness, I'm sure JaVale will be added to this list of innovations in Denver's greening efforts post-haste. In the meantime, he will continue riding in circles and yelling, as one does.

Hat-tip to the great Belinda, who's got GIFs of JaVale tooling around if that's your particular brand of moving-image whiskey.

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